Mission: To help meet some of the basic needs of students in the Farmington Central School District. Farmer’s Closet is focusing on clothing, socks, shoes, and hygiene items, as well as school supplies, and other items as requested by the school. Efforts will be made to not duplicate a service but rather to coordinate among existing services so children’s needs may better be met.

Nine women attended our initial meeting on June 26, 2017. Since then, our supporters have grown exponentially! Our Facebook group, Farmer’s Closet, has over 700 members. The way that the community has rallied around Farmer's Closet shows how tight knit and supportive our community is to improving children's lives. Together we are making a difference for children in need.

Founding Members:  Alexis Maubach, Brenda Passmore,  Carolyn Ludwig, Cindy Duley, Cindy Johnson, Jeni Crusen, Karen Miller, Lynley Krakowiecki, Michele Shipley, Susan Hostetler

Current Board Members:  Jeni Crusen, Carolyn Ludwig, Connie Lowery, Karen Miller, Haley Agnoletti, Debra Davis, Jenavee Barton, Emylee Bitner