Is Farmer's Closet a Federally approved non-profit organization?

Yes, Farmer's Closet is a Federally approved non-profit organization which means that you can request a receipt for any donation as a potential tax write off.

Where do my donations go?

All donations made stay within and go directly to helping the children in Farmington Central District 265.

Who is eligible for services?

Any child that is currently enrolled in Farmington Central District 265 is eligible for services.  This encompasses children in Bright Futures through 12th grade.

What services does Farmer's Closet provide?

Farmer's Closet provides children in Farmington Central School District 265 with back to school supplies, backpacks,  P.E. uniforms and shoes, size and weather appropriate clothing and shoes, hygiene items, winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves.

How do I apply for services?

Parents may contact Farmer's Closet directly through the form on this page or via our email,  Children may also be referred to us via a school employee.